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If any of those are your problems:

  • Lack of understanding of technical terms used in the client’s job requirements.
  • Lack of knowledge about Scrum and Agile in the context of Development Team work.
  • Lack of understanding or support for your Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.
  • Lack of knowledge about giving and receiving feedback.
  • Communication problems within remotely working teams.
  • Trust issues within a team.

If any of those are your goals:

  • Organize and kick off an internal Mentoring Program.
  • Effectively implement parts of the Scrum process in your organization.
  • Know how to advise your client to create a profile of a Scrum Expert they want to hire.
  • Hire the best Scrum Master for the job.
  • Build an effective team.
  • Have a Bias free hiring process.

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