Practical tip on sustainable self-development

We’ve all been there at one time or another. Either because of the New Year resolution or because of the short moment of deeper reflection or because someone convinced us to give it a try…

You’ve made your self-improvement plan. And whatever it is – the thing you want to improve – your plan is somehow, usually, quite a long to-do list. Do you know what is wrong with any kind of “ongoing tasks” when you write them down on a list? You never can mark them as done! That’s frustrating.

And I bet you have on your “things to improve list” things that you enjoy doing and things that you don’t. Like exercising… or keeping your diet, or learning grammar. I’ve noticed that I tend to concentrate and develop only the improvements that I already enjoy doing, but what kind of improvement is that? Usually, doing things you fear or dislike the most, gives you the biggest boost! You hate the idea of doing them because they force you to go out of your comfort zone and do things you know you’re not good at. So with time, you may tend to avoid it. And the time passes by.

Another year, another not-realized plan…

Why bother?

There’s one tiny-tiny thing that you may do to increase your chance for sustainable self-development. Instead of creating a todo-list draw a mind map. Point out the areas in which you’d like to improve and whenever you spend a sufficient amount of time (this can be an hour this can be a day) put a colored dot on the line that leads to your goal. Thanks to that you’d be able to observe which areas of your self-development are not getting enough attention.

Easy-peasy, fun, and helpful.