How to hire the best Scrum Master for the job?- Training

Designed for: HR partners, Hiring Managers, Team Leaders, people aspiring to the role of SM
Training level: From scratch
Group size: up to 20 people

Training time: 1:30h
Dates of the Training: Contact me to check availability
Training price: 1500 euro (per group 10-20 people) + VAT or 200 euro per individual in one of the available dates.
Quality Guarantee: You are not buying a pig in a poke. Full amount paid after training!
Super Bonus: Psst… I will stay with you longer in case of questions!
The training lasts an hour and a half, but I reserve two full hours for you. I stay with you 30 minutes longer (free!) and we can use this time for additional questions or networking! It all depends on the needs and motivation of your group. It’s really worth staying longer!



Who will benefit from the training?

  • People searching for Scrum Masters and employing them for their clients will learn how to talk to the client about their needs and what questions to ask the candidates.
  • Companies that are looking for a Scrum Master for their team on their own, but are unable to define who they need, will learn how to evaluate and compare candidates.
  • Candidates for Scrum Master, because they will learn about what the market expects from them and what skills are worth developing.

What are training goals?

  • The training will help you understand what kind of candidate you need (in terms of values, skills and experience).
  • During the training, you will learn the basics of Scrum, which will help you ask better questions and understand candidates’ answers.
  • I will share examples of “Booster Questions”, questions that can be asked to candidates.
  • I will share a useful model that can help you compare candidates and ensure consistency and greater objectivity in the recruitment process.

Training agenda:

  1. General overview of the cascading Software Development Cycle (Waterfall)
  2. A brief history of the birth of Agile
  3. History of Scrum
  4. Agile and Scrum values
  5. Scrum Guide requirements for the role of Scrum Master
  6. How to check if the candidate’s values are consistent with the Agile values?
  7. Why is value-fit important and how to avoid a conflict of values?
  8. What are hidden expectations?
  9. How important is experience and when is it worth (or not) paying for it?
  10. The Fish&Chips model and how DRIVE is changing in face of obstacles.
  11. When does the certificate confirm quality, and when is it just paper?
  12. Is personality important in this role and do we have the right to judge it?
  13. How can candidates be compared?

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