How to be better remote team member – motivation

If we work in a team there are many expectations that are laid on us. Some of them were never verbalized, yet they exist and are as valid as those listed in the job requirements. 

So if I have the technical skills, I’m self-organized, and I deliver – what else do I need to have to be an effective team member? And how can I show them while working from home?

  • Communication skills
  • Internal motivation
  • Positive attitude
  • Pro-activeness and willingness to take a lead over an initiative
  • Emotional Intelligence – Ability to understand the social context and act upon it

Internal motivation and a positive mindset.

Having internal motivation is important. That’s obvious. What is less obvious is, that you may be a truly self-motivated and hard-working person that is seen by others as disengaged! Not because people around you are just evil. Because they may not have the chance to observe the results of your hard work and engagement. The same may happen with a positive attitude. While in the office one of us had “a bad moment” the person had a whole day to show that “this was just a moment”. While working remotely you interact with people only in those short moments of time, that most of us hate. During the meeting… So if you ever lose your temper, or show negativity during the meeting – this may define how you will be seen by others – overall. While we are working remotely it’s twice as important as before not only to be in the positive mindset and self-motivated but to be able to show that side of us while having an interaction with others. 

For what habits you would get an extra point:

  • For having your camera on during the meeting and showing your smile. 
  • For chit-chatting before the meeting starts.
  • For being fully present and actively participating.
  • For stating your thoughts and ideas in a positive way. 
  • For concentrating on the solutions, not the problem.
  • For not playing the blame game.
  • For being a “secure base” for others
  • For being “caring”

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