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Tech Strategy and Partnerships/IT Manager, team builder and diversity trainer.

Privately an entrepreneur, CEO of – neighbourly platform www.roundthecorner.eu

In spare time a full-stack developer builds mostly in Angular-Django applications.

An owner of Wydawnictwo Jackfruit.

As a publisher rolled out Emily Chang’s book „Brotopia: Kobiety a Dolina Krzemowa”,  

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Gra o motywację zespołu

It’s quite natural that each of your team members’ motivation is on a different level. As Agile Coaches or Team Managers, we often work individually with each and every one of them to conclude what’s missing, what more do they need to work effectively and with enthusiasm. But what when the whole team signalise that they have motivation issues?
My article in Magazyn Programista can help you to discover what impacts your team motivation and how as a group you can start working on improvements.

Sztuka udzielania feedbacku

I wrote this article inspired by the idea of using GROW as a feedback model.
GROW used as a coaching method helps the coachee to understand the broad context of its current situation and reflect on its own behaviour.
In my article, I describe a few simple ways of giving feedback; the “sandwich model”, more complicated “Z-FUKO-PZK” model, which is an extension of “FUKO” method and a GROW feedback model.
More Reading about FUKO:

Team Health Monitor.

Team Health Monitor is an interesting tool that I discovered at Richard Branson’s’ “Virgin Distuptrors” conference in London. This tool helps you to assess the areas of improvement for your team and the attached playbook helps you to tackle and overcome the challenge.